How can I stay safe?

The Queensland Government website features some good advice. We like these pages the most.


How can I stay safe at home?

Find out about DVConnect, domestic violence orders, protection orders, safety plan and technology check-ups.

How can I stay safe if I leave home?

Get access to information on domestic and family violence support services, domestic violence orders and women’s shelters.

How can I keep my partner away from me?

Here, you’ll get more information on domestic violence orders and access to a database of domestic and family violence support services.

How can I safely use technology?

There’s some great information about safety planning and technology, including the Women’s Technology Safety and Privacy Toolkit.

How can I support and protect my child?

Child protection orders, support for young victims and witnesses of crime and mental heal support are some of what’s outlined in this link.

How can I become financially independent?

Find out about Victim Assist Queensland and the career guidance services available.

Additional advice

DVConnect offers essential safety tips, whether you are staying in order to prepare for the right time to leave, or you have left.