Am I experiencing domestic and family violence?

The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast offers important information and advice on violence and abuse.

Understanding domestic and family violence

In a healthy relationship, both parties treat each other as equals and compromise to seek solutions to overcome their problems. However, in a relationship where domestic and family violence is occurring the situation is very different.

How safe is your relationship?

The centre offers a checklist of warning signals that will identify if you are in an abusive relationship.  Answering yes to any of them may alert you to the level of danger in your situation.

Forms of abuse

Domestic violence involves creating fear, intimidation, verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, social abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, controlling behaviours, spiritual abuse, separation violence and stalking.

Domestic violence information for kids

Domestic violence is when one parent fights and bullies the other. There might be yelling, screaming and hitting. Unfortunately, domestic violence happens in many homes.  This is awful for everybody especially for kids.

Domestic violence and older women

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to women of all ages including older women.  Some older women may have experienced the abuse for many years whilst for others it could be occurring for the first time if they are in a new relationship following the death of a spouse or a divorce.

Warning signs of dating violence

Often there are warning signs present early on in a relationship that can alert you to the fact that the relationship could become abusive. The signs are usually there but often people mistake or confuse them believing they are just romantic or they are concerned about you.

Dating violence and young people

Young people may experience domestic violence in their own dating relationships.  This is dating violence.  Dating violence is not an argument or a disagreement but a pattern of abusive behaviour used by one person to try to gain power and control over another person. Dating violence is serious.

Barriers to leaving an abusive relationship

There are many obstacles that can stand in the way of a woman trying to leave an abusive relationship that must first be overcome to achieve safety. Talking about some of these factors with a support worker can help to assist you in overcoming these barriers.

Common questions about domestic and family violence

Do some women provoke the violence by nagging?
He hasn’t actually hit me.  Does that mean it’s not domestic violence?
Does alcohol or drugs cause domestic violence?
Do some religious beliefs cause domestic violence?
Is domestic violence more prevalent in some cultures?