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Domestic and family violence advice

The Logan community is working together to increase awareness about domestic and family violence and what can be done to prevent it because we are more powerful together.

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Safety planning

  1. Identify your partner’s use and level of violence.

Understand their cycle of violence and within their cycle, times that are higher risk for you and your children so you can access the risk of danger before it occurs.

  1. Identify rooms with locks that cannot be picked.

If an argument occurs, try to casually move towards an exit or to a lockable room. Avoid rooms that contain sharp objects or weapons, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to reduce the risk of harm.

  1. When in danger, call 000.

Keep in mind where the nearest public phone is.

  1. Inform others and make a plan with them.

Inform trusted friends or neighbours of your situation and develop a plan.

  1. Make weapons inaccessible.

Keep weapons or items that have been used as weapons locked away and as inaccessible as possible.

  1. Always prepare the car to leave.

Make a habit of backing the car into the driveway and keeping it fueled and any car seats installed – if you have to flee the home, you can do so safely.

  1. Write a checklist for an escape bag.

Write a checklist and keep it some place safe with the essential items you can pack quickly if you have to flee the home, including clothes, money, keys, important documents, a phone and charger, ID, Medicare and concession cards, prescriptions and medicines.

  1. Keep mobile devices charged and secured.

Ensure mobile devices/tablets are charged and secured with a passcode. Limit app access to your device’s location, contacts, etc.

And if you have children

  1. Practise with your kids how to leave the house safely.
  2. Teach your kids how to call 000 safely.
  3. Tell your kids never to intervene when domestic violence is occurring.
  4. Tell your kids to go to a specific room when domestic violence is occurring – one of the lockable rooms with no sharp objects or weapons.
  5. Plan for what you will do if your kids tell your partner your plan.
  6. Monitor your kids’ use of technology to ensure your family’s location/safety is not compromised.

If you need to flee, call DV Connect on 1800 811 811.
With thanks to the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service.